Selasa, 23 Agustus 2016


Composed by : Ferry Kurniawan
Lyric and Arrangement by : Ferry Kurniawan
Friends, thanks for always being there
When I needed you the most
Who care about me and support me all the time and
Friends, sorry for every fault I’ve done
I’m just ordinary man
Who have you all my extraordinary friends
I hope you know
You mean a lot to me
And it will always stay that way until the end of time

Every moment we share together
Thanks for everything that to make me not feel lonely
I thank my God for sending them to me
And I just wanna say thanks for all of you for being my friends

A friend is someone who support you at all time
Someone to call upon during good and bad time
Someone who knows what you are going through at all time
Thanks for being my friend at all time

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